My heart is still racing as I head to my car.


I’m shaky all over, my hand visibly trembling as I reach for my door, and I know it’s not because of the cold, despite the fact that the temperatures have dropped to below freezing right now.


I can’t get the look of his eyes out of my mind. They literally scare me…but they also make me feel something else; something I know I shouldn’t be feeling. Something I don’t think I’ve ever felt before. The way he looked at me was just…crazy. Straight-up crazy!


I know it’s mostly in my head and probably my subconscious’ way of looking for attention. That would actually make sense, since I was clearly looking for attention from an absolutely unattainable source. It’s probably for the best, anyway. With my aversion to love, I suppose I’d rather crush on a guy who I know I can’t have.


But is ‘crush’ even the appropriate word for what I’m feeling? Boys haven’t mattered to me in that way for a long time now, so I can’t be sure.




I chuckle to myself suddenly, thinking about how absurd the use of the word is to describe Doctor Frost. He’s clearly anything but a boy.

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