You can’t move.

You can’t speak.

And you can barely breathe.

Your chest feels like it’s on fire, burning with excruciating pain as impossibly frigid air struggles to make its way in and out of your lungs.

Your lips tremble uncontrollably, prickled with pain and an encroaching numbness, your teeth chattering viciously.

It’s cold.

So cold.

You’re surrounded by complete whiteness.

Flurries swirl in your face, masses of snowflakes falling onto your static body, landing on your eyes, their frigidness seeping into your skin. You lay flat on your back with your face to the immaculate, foggy sky, seeing absolutely nothing but the whiteness that mercilessly engulfs you.


You’re covered in snow.

So much of it.

It’s everywhere.

You don’t know where you are, or how you got here. Something about you feels different. You’re clothed but somehow feel completely stripped. You don’t feel like yourself at all.

In fact, in a strange, inexplicable way, you kind of feel…mortal.

Your entire body is frozen stiff as you lie there, unable to get up. Even your mind is frozen. You can’t think. Can’t do anything but struggle to keep your eyes open as they continue to stare absently at the flurries and snowflakes falling on and around you.

You try to keep your eyes open for as long as you can, but the temperature seems to drop exponentially all of a sudden, and the cold becomes just too much to bear.

Something bad is happening to you. You can feel it. Even though it isn’t possible and you just can’t explain it, somewhere in the back of your mind, you realize that, somehow, this is the end.



With that realization, you quickly feel yourself slipping away, your lids lowering themselves as darkness closes in on you and the immaculate white completely fades to pitch black.



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