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V: Part Four

V: And what might that be?  🙂  I can’t suppress the smirk that just forced its way onto my lips, trying to picture a smile on his face even though I have absolutely no idea what he looks like. Funny enough, I haven’t even made up an image of him even once, can’t manage to picture him whenever he invades my fantasies…which is a lot more times than I’d like to admit. Tinaturner1990: I just realized something… I swallow, cracking my knuckles as I think of the best way to… Read More

V: Part Three

Oh, my gosh…I can’t believe he remembered!   It’s quite an unexpected, but very pleasant surprise. The fact that he remembered that today is my birthday, even though I probably only mentioned it in passing a while ago, makes my heart flutter more than it probably should, but I don’t care. I’m happy.

V: Part Two

Oh, my God…   It’s him!   V: hey, stranger  🙂    It’s only two words, and just a step above a generic ‘hello’, but I’m beyond ecstatic at seeing another message from him, especially after over two weeks of nothing. I realize I’m a lot happier that he’s contacting me than I thought I would be, and probably a lot happier than I should be.