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Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One (Role Play Edition)

The wipers sway intermittently across the windshield, and their blades do a sloppy job of clearing the precipitation from your view. Their constant rubbing against the glass emits ear-wrenching squeaks that you wish you could ignore, but cannot. These ancient wipers need to go. At least that’s what you’ve been saying for…how long has it been now? Five months? Yeah, about that long. Every time you get around to changing these annoying wipers, something else more urgent suddenly comes up, and whatever money you’d been saving toward replacing them goes… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Two (Role Play Edition)

You tug on your jacket and pull your beanie further down on your head as you continue to brace yourself against the mercilessly frigid onslaught. You say a silent ‘fuck you’ to whichever administrator is responsible for this currently fucked up parking situation. Fuck, it’s cold. You realize that you say ‘fuck’ a lot when you feel like your blood is turning to ice. It’s your fourth winter in Milwaukee, and you’re honestly not sure you’ll ever get used to how cold it gets here. And to think you used… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Three (Role Play Edition)

You’re instantly engulfed by bright lights and hot air. You breathe out a sigh of contentment, incredibly grateful for the warm, toasty atmosphere as you feel the heat quickly neutralize the unbearable cold you felt just seconds ago. You dust the snow off your jacket without halting your footsteps and adjust the strap of your carry-on as you feel it digging into your shoulder, bearing most of its unnecessary weight. You make a mental note to remove whatever items in it that you don’t use daily. You have a bad… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Four (Role Play Edition)

You stop by your locker before you head to the rehearsal room to drop off your belongings. You set your satchel down and turn the grey metal dial as you enter the new combination to your locker. It takes you two tries to get it right, and it opens up with a very slight creak. You had to get it changed about two weeks ago since someone had managed to break into it and steal your iPod, your recorder, a library book—which you had to end up paying for—and a… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Five (Role Play Edition)

You scroll through your classical playlist in search for Celtic Woman’s ‘The Voice’, one of the songs for your group performance taking place two weeks from now. You find it by the time your hand is turning the gold-plated door knob. You notice a few people in the distance, haphazardly scattered across the room as you let yourself in. The gentle hum of the heating system fills the room along with the sound of a few shuffling bodies and idle chit-chat. The air is even warmer in here, incredibly cozy… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Six (Role Play Edition)

The discomforting sensation you had earlier is back, considerably more painful this time. It’s never even happened twice in the same day before. You’re beginning to think that whatever this is, it’s probably more than just a stress-response. From the corner of your eye, you see a bunch of girls behind you just standing there and giving you strange looks through the mirror, and you notice Julianne is among them. She has her arms crossed over her fake chest, eyeing you suspiciously as she gives you a once over, followed… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Seven (Role Play Edition)

Madame Vito finally makes her appearance, and the room quickly goes quiet. She doesn’t say a thing, but then again, she doesn’t need to.  Her stern presence and the clicking of her signature moccasins are all that’s necessary to make all the chatter fade away into dead silence. The room gets so quiet you could probably hear a snowflake land. Vito’s graying locks are pulled back into a tight bun as usual, and she’s covered up in a dark cardigan and an equally dark, conservative pencil skirt with leggings underneath… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Eight (Role Play Edition)

The walk over to the clinic takes about fifteen minutes, and it’s mostly comprised of you feeling really cold again and Trixie trying to make you feel better about what had just transpired at rehearsal.  It’s much brighter outside now, and the scenery is a stark difference from what it is during the spring and summer months. There are white mounds of piled up snow and barren trees everywhere. Several people are crowded at the various bus stops in their heavy winter gear as vapor escapes their mouths and nostrils…. Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Nine (Role Play Edition)

Nurse Jane pinpoints the area of concern, touching the same area again and parts adjacent to it to confirm that it is, in fact, the source of your ailment. “It could be a number of things,” she says. “Have you eaten or drank anything out of the ordinary since it began?” “No, not that I can think of,” you say, your voice a lot hoarser than you remember it being. “Do you drink heavily?” she asks. This is Wisconsin. And you work at a bar. Define heavily. “Not really…,” you… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Ten (Role Play Edition)

You have about three hours until your appointment with Doctor Templin, and since Trixie doesn’t have class for another hour, you decide to get some breakfast before either one of you passes out from starvation. She calls Bill and has him meet you over at the Overground, the largest eatery on west campus. Bill lets you know that he’s already there by the time you arrive, with seats saved for both of you. He’s undeniably punctual for everything, even something as informal and trivial as getting food. While you find… Read More