Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Fifteen (Role Play Edition)

  He reaches for a frameless pair of glasses and puts them on with a single hand while grabbing your folder with the other. The action is so effortless and yet so meticulous at the same time. You find yourself staring at his hands for a moment, noticing their incredible structure and size. His fingers have a certain elegance about them, like they can wield magic or something. Well, he is a surgeon, so you guess that’s technically true on some level. “Ramona Gallo,” he says as he looks at… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Fourteen (Role Play Edition)

  You feel your eyes growing wide and your neck tilting as far back as it can go without snapping off, all in an effort to keep up with the sheer size of the imposing figure standing before you. “Dexter Frost?” you finally manage to ask, your voice incredibly hoarse. “The oncologist?” “Yes,” he admits with a nod. “I’m temporarily standing in as the assistant chief surgeon here at Greenwood.” “I see,” you say. You suppose he does look way too young to be a chief surgeon, anyway. Still, you… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Thirteen (Role Play Edition)

  You head back to your seat feeling incredibly somber. Just as soon as you sit down, a deep, commanding voice comes through that makes you jump in your chair.   “Ramona?”   You turn to the side to find the owner of such a demanding voice, and you’re stunned to stillness as you see a man covered in a crisp white lab coat walking toward you.   You feel your eyes widen as you take in the sight of him.   He’s incredibly good-looking, possibly the most handsome man… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Twelve (Role Play Edition)

  Your feet tap uncontrollably as you find yourself sitting in a waiting room at the surgery center—a gloomy health facility, yet again.   You find yourself fidgeting relentlessly, trying not to heave as you do your best to accurately fill out a patient form that’s too many pages long.   The fact that you’re in a place like this for the second time today only frazzles your nerves even more, making the simple task of even holding a pen ten times harder.   It had taken you thirty minutes… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Eleven (Role Play Edition)

  A minute later, Trixie comes back with this huge, giddy smile on her face.   “Oh my God, you little slut! I totally saw that,” she says to you as she sits down.   You raise your eyebrow. “What?”   “As if you don’t know,” she waves her hand in a dismissive fashion. “You and Jamie Wrighton ogling each other in the middle of the cafeteria, that’s what.”   “I was not. He was just apologizing for bumping into me,” you say nonchalantly.   Trixie can be extremely dramatic… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Ten (Role Play Edition)

  You have about three hours until your appointment with Doctor Templin, and since Trixie doesn’t have class for another hour, you decide to get some breakfast before either one of you passes out from starvation.   She calls Bill and has him meet you over at the Overground, the largest eatery on west campus. Bill lets you know that he’s already there by the time you arrive, with seats saved for both of you.   He’s undeniably punctual for everything, even something as informal and trivial as getting food…. Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Nine (Role Play Edition)

  Nurse Jane pinpoints the area of concern, touching the same area again and parts adjacent to it to confirm that it is, in fact, the source of your ailment.   “It could be a number of things,” she says. “Have you eaten or drank anything out of the ordinary since it began?”   “No, not that I can think of,” you say, your voice a lot hoarser than you remember it being.   “Do you drink heavily?” she asks.   This is Wisconsin. And you work at a bar…. Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Eight (Role Play Edition)

  The walk over to the clinic takes about fifteen minutes, and it’s mostly comprised of you feeling really cold again and Trixie trying to make you feel better about what had just transpired at rehearsal.    It’s much brighter outside now, and the scenery is a stark difference from what it is during the spring and summer months. There are white mounds of piled up snow and barren trees everywhere.   Several people are crowded at the various bus stops in their heavy winter gear as vapor escapes their… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Seven (Role Play Edition)

  Madame Vito finally makes her appearance, and the room quickly goes quiet. She doesn’t say a thing, but then again, she doesn’t need to.    Her stern presence and the clicking of her signature moccasins are all that’s necessary to make all the chatter fade away into dead silence. The room gets so quiet you could probably hear a snowflake land.   Vito’s graying locks are pulled back into a tight bun as usual, and she’s covered up in a dark cardigan and an equally dark, conservative pencil skirt… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Six (Role Play Edition)

  The discomforting sensation you had earlier is back, considerably more painful this time.   It’s never even happened twice in the same day before. You’re beginning to think that whatever this is, it’s probably more than just a stress-response.   From the corner of your eye, you see a bunch of girls behind you just standing there and giving you strange looks through the mirror, and you notice Julianne is among them.   She has her arms crossed over her fake chest, eyeing you suspiciously as she gives you… Read More