The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Twenty-One (Role Play Edition)

      Belinda Gordon     Bambino. You don’t exactly remember who here first designated the nickname to you. But it caught on pretty fast, and soon it’s what most people here knew you as. Apparently, you’re doe-eyed and look clueless half the time. You don’t particularly agree but you don’t really mind, either. You suppose it’s somewhat ‘cute’. At least that’s what Bartram and everyone else you talk to here says. They’re nice people. Bartram is one of the more compassionate ones, actually. You had no idea he… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Twenty (Role Play Edition)

      Monty’s Rubies       Loud contemporary music blares in your ears as various arrangements of custom chrome and polished glass greet you from all angles, the sleek, collective scenery almost overwhelming. You have only two words to describe it: Extravagant and…well…extravagant. Wealth practically oozes from every inch and crevice, cutting no corners and making no apology for its magnificent, insanely creative display. You really should be used to it by now but you can’t seem to get acclimated to the sheer level of this place. You… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Nineteen (Role Play Edition)

        Just Another Night in Hamletville         Shit. You’re running late for work. Again. Literally running. And panting. And sweating. Ugh! This is the third time this week. You’ve already had to apologize profusely to your supervisor, Jeromy, for your lack of punctuality twice. Both times, he’d been highly disgruntled about your lateness, and both times, you told him it wouldn’t happen again. That was yesterday and the day before that. Yet, here you are, sprinting to work once more. Jeez, I can’t believe… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Eighteen (Role Play Edition)

        Round. The. Clock.         Shit, this is bad. Really, really bad. You’re beginning to panic inside, but you know you have to keep your cool. Still, you can’t believe how widespread this problem has become in just over fifteen minutes. You feel perspiration forming on your temples as you glance over at the others again. Oskar seems composed and collected as always, even though you know he’s just as tense and distressed as everyone else. Febe’s expression is neutral but she has her… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Seventeen (Role Play Edition)

      Alchemoni     The tension in the air descends on you like an invisible, looming weight, so thick that even Leatherface would have major trouble cutting through it with his chainsaw. You all sit at the Table of Metal, waiting in deafening silence for the arrival of the last two Golden Elders who are supposed to be present for this meeting. You observe the expressions of all present around you, scanning them one after another. It’s as if everyone got a memo to arrive with a specific… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Sixteen (Role Play Edition)

      Shift       You look around, feeling very anxious, very confused, and not so very hopeful. “Kitty-Cat?” you call, feeling more and more unsure of what just transpired—or at least, what you think just transpired. There’s no response. Nothing at all. It’s as quiet as it was before she got here, maybe even more so now. You blink. And blink again. And again. And once more after that. Actually, that’s a lie. You blink several times after that, as if doing so will make her appear… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Fifteen (Role Play Edition)

      Green Spots       Your skin crawls and sets itself ablaze at the same time at the vivid, unspeakable memory. You can’t believe it. You were literally two seconds away from doing the dirty with a damned, death-dealing demon! You almost scream, resisting the urge only because the walls are paper-thin and you don’t want to wake your neighbors. Or your landlord. You place your palm over your quivering lips, not sure if you’re doing it to calm yourself or stifle another scream. It was just… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Fourteen (Role Play Edition)

      Dreamer’s Aftermath       You wake up to the annoying ring of your stupid alarm, frantic and sweaty with your arms flailing in the darkness. Your heart pounds like an oversized drum in your heaving chest, beating much faster than it probably should for a healthy twenty-three-year-old.  Your lungs are working overtime, rapidly expanding and contracting as you breathe hard for no apparent reason. Your eyes squint impulsively, twitching against the disturbance as the outline of the perpetrating object slowly comes into view. No matter how… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Thirteen (Role Play Edition)

      Beep     Her eyes instantly go wide, her expression morphing into that of a stunned deer, as if she just got hit by a bulldozer. She looks at you with utter confusion and embarrassment, clearly shocked that you’re asking. As if she can’t believe you could ask such a thing. She blinks rapidly and swallows, averting her gaze once again. I guess that pretty much answers my question. “Ah, fuck,” you mutter before you can stop yourself. As soon as the words leave your lips, she… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Twelve (Role Play Edition)

      Just One Question…     Before you can form another thought, your mind shuts down against your will, racing in ecstasy while your dick jumps like it’s on a fucking trampoline. And you’re powerless to stop it. All of it. For the first time in a long, long time, you remember what it feels like to have almost no control. Over your surroundings or yourself. You have to ball your fists tightly as you continue to behold this strange, intriguing human girl, gritting your teeth against the… Read More