Uncensored: Chapter Forty

        Loosely, I register the voices of complete strangers and a comrade alike, as if they’re far away instead of just a few feet ahead.   My head is spinning, an utterly jumbled mess in its entirety, incapable of correct perception as I look absently over the shoulders of the pair in front of me.   Participant number six—Corey, I think her name is—superficially returns the gleeful smile of the dark blond man next to her, clearly overjoyed by his procurement of a Valentine’s Day date with… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Thirty-Nine

        Overwhelm. Anxiety. Unease. Discomfort.   All things I’ve dealt with at one point or another in life.   All negative emotions I’ve somehow managed to work through and eventually get a handle on over time. Like most people.   All sensations we don’t like to feel but accept as a normal part of existence.   There is no word for the sensation that currently exists within me.   Incapacitating, crippling, dread.   Bottled-up, loosely-capped hysteria.   U-tter. Pa-nic.   All fused into a single amplified, uncontainable… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Thirty-Eight

      The gnawing question hangs over the ballroom and all those who inhabit it, perching atop my shoulders like a physical cloak, an invisible replica of the thick, velvet curtain draped behind me.   I have to tear my eyes away from the back, strangely caught between the impulse to look upon a titan sitting among men and the need to do the exact opposite in order to preserve my sanity—at least, what little is currently left of it.   My undecided gaze eventually settles on the closed-off… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Thirty-Seven

    Time slows down instantly, distorting itself and the space around me…and then freezing entirely.   Right along with the pile of limp bone and flesh that is my body.   I almost take an involuntary step back, my knees jerking of their own volition, but the same acute, cataclysmic shock currently flooding every inch of me forces my feet to stay put, rendering them immobile.   My eyelids stretch to full capacity as the spheres beneath them bloat, dilating wide as saucers…only to lock on to those of… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Forty-Nine (Role Play Edition)

  You arch your brow at his apparent lack of concern at the implications of what he’s proposing. “Because you asked her to?” you repeat incredulously. “You’re just going to comfortably sit there and tell me in that douchey ass tone of yours that you pretty much sent Mindy to tell me that you want to have sex with me?”   He nods. “Correct. And you have thirty calendar days to agree to or decline my offer,” he explains. “Make no mistake, this is a business offer. I have every… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Forty-Eight (Role Play Edition)

  Your eyes burn.   Really badly.   They’ve been burning since yesterday morning, ever since your eyes landed on what was inside that damn folder. And they continued to burn through today’s morning practice and all your classes.   And they’re still burning now, probably even more than they were before as you stomp through the main hallway of the surgical center.   “Excuse me, Miss, you can’t go through there,” you hear a female voice call after you, but you don’t stop.   “Miss, office hours are over…. Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Forty-Seven (Role Play Edition)

  You stare ahead like a confused idiot, unable to do much more than blink in shock for several seconds.   What in the hell of all hells is Mindy, of all people, doing at your apartment? And this early in the morning?   She’s wearing a black and silver ruffled dress that looks like it could buy this entire apartment complex and maybe even the entire street leading up to it. Her hair is in the same sleek bun from last night, but she looks as fresh as ever,… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Forty-Six (Role Play Edition)

  A few hours later…     You hear banging.   Lots and lots of banging.   Then you hear your doorbell ring quite a few times, and as you slowly come into consciousness, you realize all the ruckus is coming from your door.   Who the hell could possibly be here at this time?   You toss and turn under your covers, willing the knocking to stop and its creator to go away. But unfortunately for you, neither of those things happen. With a sigh, you finally sit up,… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Forty-Five (Role Play Edition)

  He sets you down gently, and the cold concrete floor beneath your feet is both a welcoming feeling because of its familiarity and also an unpleasant shove back into your reality which the man towering above you is not—and cannot—be a part of.   You start to speak. “Listen—”   “I know why you were there,” he says, cutting off your attempt at an explanation. You’d be pissed that he just cut you off if his voice wasn’t so calm—gentle, even.   You raise an eyebrow. “You…you do?” you… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Forty-Four (Role Play Edition)

  Frost continues to remain silent as well, much to your surprise. You was certain he was going to drill and interrogate you to no end from the looks he’d given you back at the mansion when you ran into him.   You should really be happy he isn’t saying anything, but for some reason, his silence—or perhaps refusal to talk about the very obvious pink elephant in the room—is somehow more disturbing than any yelling or blackmail he might have had in store for you.   The silence continues… Read More