Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Five (Role Play Edition)

  You scroll through your classical playlist in search for Celtic Woman’s ‘The Voice’, one of the songs for your group performance taking place two weeks from now. You find it by the time your hand is turning the gold-plated door knob. You notice a few people in the distance, haphazardly scattered across the room as you let yourself in.   The gentle hum of the heating system fills the room along with the sound of a few shuffling bodies and idle chit-chat.   The air is even warmer in… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Four (Role Play Edition)

  You stop by your locker before you head to the rehearsal room to drop off your belongings. You set your satchel down and turn the grey metal dial as you enter the new combination to your locker. It takes you two tries to get it right, and it opens up with a very slight creak. You had to get it changed about two weeks ago since someone had managed to break into it and steal your iPod, your recorder, a library book—which you had to end up paying for—and… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Three (Role Play Edition)

  You’re instantly engulfed by bright lights and hot air. You breathe out a sigh of contentment, incredibly grateful for the warm, toasty atmosphere as you feel the heat quickly neutralize the unbearable cold you felt just seconds ago.   You dust the snow off your jacket without halting your footsteps and adjust the strap of your carry-on as you feel it digging into your shoulder, bearing most of its unnecessary weight.   You make a mental note to remove whatever items in it that you don’t use daily. You… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Two (Role Play Edition)

  You tug on your jacket and pull your beanie further down on your head as you continue to brace yourself against the mercilessly frigid onslaught. You say a silent ‘fuck you’ to whichever administrator is responsible for this currently fucked up parking situation.   Fuck, it’s cold.   You realize that you say ‘fuck’ a lot when you feel like your blood is turning to ice.   It’s your fourth winter in Milwaukee, and you’re honestly not sure you’ll ever get used to how cold it gets here. And… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One (Role Play Edition)

  The wipers sway intermittently across the windshield, and their blades do a sloppy job of clearing the precipitation from your view. Their constant rubbing against the glass emits ear-wrenching squeaks that you wish you could ignore, but cannot.   These ancient wipers need to go.   At least that’s what you’ve been saying for…how long has it been now? Five months? Yeah, about that long.   Every time you get around to changing these annoying wipers, something else more urgent suddenly comes up, and whatever money you’d been saving… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Thirty-Six

        A cool stream of air hits my skin as I slide off my apple-red dress pants, folding them neatly and piling them on top of the strawberry shirt I just had on, regarding the combination with a sigh. I had to buy them both earlier this morning after painstakingly rummaging through every last piece of clothing I own and not finding a single red item, only for it to be in vain.   I slouch in front of a full-length mirror in my bra and panties,… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Thirty-Five

        The sun is already overhead by the time I’m on a train back to Berkeley, grateful that there aren’t any major delays, although there is some lag due to traffic on the way to Oakland. ​ But in order to commit to coming to Hannah’s fundraiser and staying the entire time, I had to stay up pretty late getting a lot of project work covered before leaving so that I don’t end up falling behind next week. I still brought my work tablet and a few… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Thirty-Four

        I stumble into my week-old apartment in an absolute daze, feeling like a zombie on untested steroids, my mind swarming, like it’s stuffed with countless, restless bumble bees. ​ I drop my bag without a care for where it lands, and too consumed by my own thoughts to care about the incessant growling of my stomach. ​ I collapse head-first on the bed, my entire body deflating, unable to support the sheer weight of my overactive brain cells. ​ Holy fuck… ​ I just asked Atlas… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Thirty-Three

      When I say nothing in return—cause, I mean, shit, what the hell can one say in response to something like that?—Zane frowns, subtle but obvious irritation creeping into his expression.   “Ask. The next. Question,” he demands, his voice dangerously deep, the intentionally punctuated emphasis coupled with a stark edginess that shoots sharp tingles straight between my thighs. And, then, there’s this sinister look in his eyes; almost as if he’s silently daring me to not continue.   My throat goes arid, and I try futilely to… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Thirty-Two

          I can hear my knees chatter with each reluctant step I take, making my way through the wide, barren hallway.      I think I’m going to throw up…   I actually wobble as I near the intersecting corridor, the entire floor quieter than I’ve ever heard it.   Too quiet.   Then again, I’ve never stayed back this late after working hours.   I’ve never had to.   Until now.   Not a soul is in sight, no voices or activity to signal any human… Read More