Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Five (Role Play Edition)

Before you can brace yourself, or even draw another breath, he charges into you again, rattling your bones and blood. You croak something incoherent as he shoves himself all the way inside with such force it feels like you’re being knocked off your feet even though you already are. You gasp for air, your body struggling to keep up with the intense rhythm of his thrusts. The sounds of flesh colliding with flesh echo off the silent yet listening walls of the Emancipation Room, amplifying the unfolding obscenity. The wet… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Four (Role Play Edition)

A strangled gasp fills the ER from the force of Frost’s re-entry, your mouth cracked open as he lunges into you with a hard, unforgiving stroke. He doesn’t pause for your answer, doesn’t give you time to adjust or think before hoisting you on his cock again, like a flag in forced surrender. The resulting smack is vulgar. Crass. And yet, while your ears burn from the sound, your core burns even hotter. His large hands find your ass cheeks from behind, biting into your skin as he picks up… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Five

Forty-eight hours later couldn’t have come sooner. The orange-purple glow of the sun stains the sky, marking the impending end of another short winter day. The day before the day before Christmas. I’m curled up on the couch with Trixie’s head in my lap, halfheartedly watching Rise of the Guardians—her pick, not mine. The animated main character, Jack Frost, dons an easygoing grin. A complete and utter departure of the devastating scowl that belongs to the man in real life with the same last name. As much as I want… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Three (Role Play Edition)

You think you’re screaming. But you’re not even sure. It’s lost in the whirlwind that fills your head, the howl that’s lodged in your throat. Pressure. So much pressure. You know it’s him. And yet there’s this stunning shock. This genuine surprise. You feel yourself shrink as his hardened form breaches your body. A cry emerges from your lips, and then he’s within you, captured by your constricting walls, and you experience the most exquisite pain—sharp, choking—like this sensation will never end. You’re overcome with raw feeling, like you’re being… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Four

The digital dashboard clock digits turn, mocking the passage of time. The radio jock’s cheery voice grates on my nerves as he chatters about the latest Christmas jam in their holiday playlist line up. It’s four days till Christmas but it feels anything but festive. I chance another glance at the passenger side, monitoring Trixie who’s been uncharacteristically quiet for most of the drive. Meanwhile I’m reeling. From the weekend. From what was decided during my absence. But I try my damnedest not to show it, focusing on the road… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Two (Role Play Edition)

Every muscle in your body coils, each last inch of you knotting as a coarse, broken scream rips itself from deep inside your chest. Your abs tighten and push down on autopilot, pinning down your torso with a vise grip, too taut and rigid to feel like anything of a human origin. Your pussy spasms uncontrollably, the Kegel shooting out with a vulgar pop to dangle against the base of your womanhood. Its weight pulls on your nipples as it continues to hang from them, jerking haphazardly between your slick… Read More

Fire On Ice

The ice rink was empty, except for me. Just how I needed it. I glided across the frozen surface, practicing my routine with the precision that had been drilled into me since childhood. My skates sliced intricate patterns, body moving with the grace and athleticism of the years of intense training. When I was on the ice, nothing else mattered except the music, the movements, and finding that perfect balance of art and sport. Out here, I didn’t have to think about classes or calories or anything except losing myself… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-One (Role Play Edition)

Some strange noise, half whimper, half yelp of shock, bubbles out of your chest. Your body tenses like a bowstring, every muscle pulled tight as the Kegel suddenly releases its own scream inside you, the vibrations getting stronger and stronger. You can practically taste your pulse in your temples, a frantic beat that seems to be trying to escape your skull. Yet your heart skips in time with the monitor’s signaling beep that you’re in the danger zone. Frost is opposingly silent, eerily so, as if nothing has changed. He… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Three

Before I can get my bearings about me, Tilda appears again, her expression unreadable beneath the severe line of her tightly-pinned auburn hair. “I’ll escort you downstairs to your car,” she informs me. A clipped, professional tone that brooks no argument. Escort. The word lands like a slap, my throat constricting painfully even though I know she didn’t mean it in the way my mind automatically goes. All the same, I’m reminded with brutal clarity of my role here to the very end. A transaction. A service provided. For the… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty (Role Play Edition)

Your hips strain, suspended in their raised, vulgar position, Frost’s words pounding in your head: “Don’t lose your electron.” You repeat them like a mantra. Don’t lose your electron. Don’t lose your electron. Don’t lose your electron. Vibrations race through you, like a million fire ants on the march. They burn and buzz in your core, an ever intensifying agitation that won’t let up. Your brows furrow as your eyes flutter closed, feeling the escalation in your lower belly.   Then a shock—a stinging smack on your ass cheek—and his sharp warning:   “I didn’t say… Read More