I look through my window and my eyes drift upward to the seven-story building. I look back at my GPS for the fifth or sixth time, making sure I’m at the right place.




I don’t know why I keep re-checking. Nicole already told me it would be a seven-story building when she gave me the address. The thing is, what I’m looking at right now looks absolutely nothing like the headquarters of a high-end escort service. At least not from the outside.


I mean, I don’t exactly know what escort service buildings are supposed to look like, but I really don’t think they’re supposed to look so rundown and pretty much on the verge of being abandoned. The place actually looks like it’s up for demolition.


Maybe that’s the whole point, though? You know, having a low profile or hiding in plain sight or something along those lines? Whatever. I don’t have time to ponder it.


I turn off the ignition and head inside. I straighten my posture as I walk through the entrance, running my hands along the length of my black pencil skirt. I really hope I’m dressed appropriately for this.

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