My body moves before I can stop it, and a mix of shock and fear and something else I’m not really sure I want to admit that I’m feeling force my hands to push myself off his shoulders, hauling me backward in a slight stumble.


My abrupt reaction quickly puts some distance between us, but his other hand refuses to budge from its current resting place—my now very rigid waist. His grip on it actually seems firmer, if anything. I’m breathing hard, and the air enters and leaves my suddenly overactive lungs as if they’re trying to use up all the oxygen in the room.


I warily look at him again, only to find that he, on the other hand, is completely and utterly calm and unaffected. It’s as if he didn’t notice anything at all. And perhaps he didn’t, but I highly doubt it. I mean, how can a guy not notice when his penis is stiff?

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