You make your way back to the roundabout again, and this time you have a hard time enjoying the scenery as you walk past more statues and fountains and other impressive sights. Your mind is completely preoccupied with the imposing man walking next to you, leading you with his hand still resting snugly on your lower back.


You hate to admit it, but his hand feels amazing; strong and sure and possessive.


You really should tell him to take it off you, to keep his hands to himself, but you’re having a bit of trouble—quite a bit, actually—figuring out if that’s what you actually want. It’s the right thing to do, obviously, but no one ever said doing the right thing was easy.


You try to focus on the cool wispy blades of grass beneath your feet and the cold air blowing over your skin instead of the large, warm hand on your back and the sexy, woody cologne emanating from his body.


You’re finally at the roundabout again, and there are still people pulling up with their cars, just arriving on the scene. This is obviously meant to be an all-nighter. You wonder how long Nicole intends for you to stay. You’re betting it’s probably how ever long Mindy wants.


You feel Frost’s hand leave your back, and he checks his phone before turning to you again.


“Wait here,” he says, pulling his jacket off. He brings it around you, and you realize you’ve been clutching your body the whole time, trying desperately to keep yourself warm even though you didn’t notice it because you were actually using the cold to keep your focus on something other than him—even if it was unpleasant.


He brings the big jacket around you, and you’re already waving your hands in refusal and shaking your head.


“No, it’s okay. I’m staying,” you say, still wrapping your arms around yourself.


He frowns slightly, but proceeds to cover you with the jacket anyway, easily draping it over your shoulders. The giant coat tents you, and its crisp, thick fabric brings instant warmth with it—warmth and his super sexy, musky cologne.


You’re suddenly encompassed by the indirect heat of his body and the incredible smell of him. You feel your body sway ever so slightly as your senses become momentarily overwhelmed by him, and you can’t stop yourself from swooning inside.


“I thought you just agreed to let me take you home,” he says, sounding a bit irritated and bringing you out of your very brief reverie. “You clearly don’t want to be here.”


“I’ll get home the way I got here,” you say, avoiding his frosty eyes.


His name is actually quite fitting for the pair of icy things. They give him an extra menacing edge, and you have to wonder how that works out for him whenever he’s dealing with his patients. You have absolutely no doubt that this man intimidates most, if not all, of his patients, or has at one point or another.


Just then, a red Porsche pulls up just a few feet away from where you’re standing, and from it emerges yet another person you weren’t planning on running into tonight.




She’s dressed in all white, from her lace dress to her platform heels and her Chanel clutch. Her blue-black hair is up in a sleek ninja bun, making her bangs look even more blunt and severe on her face. They definitely frame her eyes well; eyes that quickly zone in on you as she walks up to the curb to hand her keys to a valet.


She looks between Dr. Frost and you as she continues to walk up to us, her brow arched in surprise, but the questioning expression on her face is quickly replaced when he looks her way with a friendly smile.


“Raven, darling,” she says, coming in for an embrace and giving you air kisses. You know she’s only doing it for show.


“Uh…Mindy…” you begin, unsure of what to say. That seems to keep happening to you quite a lot tonight. You seriously feel like you’re in the twilight zone.


She glances at the jacket tenting your body, and then at your bare feet before moving her attention to Frost.


She extends her hand out to him. “Doctor Frost, so good to see you here. It’s been too long,” she smiles, her eyes focused solely on him as he takes her hand in his.


He kisses the back of her knuckles, and you feel a sharp jabbing sensation hit you in your side as you watch it happen. You don’t know why seeing him kiss her hand is pissing you off. You must be insane, but you don’t want to watch him kiss anyone, even if it’s in greeting.


You don’t want to be around any of this anymore.


You don’t want to be around him anymore.


You start to shake off his jacket, pushing it off your shoulders, but just before you can take it off completely, Mindy shoots you a look, almost like a warning, but you’re not sure what it means.


“Mindy, I was just about to head back inside—” you start to speak, but she cuts off your attempt to explain.


“You two sure seem to be getting along nicely,” she says, smiling between the both of us, the implications of her words as clear as the starless night sky above us.


More people continue to trickle in around us, several of whom give Frost long, undivided stares—the women’s based on obvious lust, and the men’s on obvious disdain. However, you can’t help but notice that quite a few of the male guests seem to share the women’s sentiments as they walk by him.


You suppose it should be expected. Dexter Frost is objectively very attractive and an obvious sex magnet. You mean, he’s pretty much the embodiment of super mind-blowing sex on a pair of long, super-toned legs.


“You’re not leaving already, are you?” Mindy asks him.


“Unfortunately, I am,” he says, glancing at his watch. “Have to be up early tomorrow.”


You glance at your watch as soon as he does. You’re not even sure why you do it. It’s a little after one; typically late for you but obviously still early for everyone else who plans on staying.


“I could only come because I wasn’t on call tonight,” he explains to Mindy. They’re conversing like you’re not even here.


“I guess a doctor’s work is never done,” Mindy says with a chuckle.


Her attention turns to you once more. “And I take it you’re leaving as well?” she says.


You start to shake your head. “Uh, no I ‘m—”


But as soon as you do, her eyes narrow at you again, and you quickly realize she isn’t asking you a question. She’s telling you that you’re going to go home with him; that you don’t have a choice in the matter if you want to work for her.


You immediately backtrack. “I mean, ah, yes…yes, I’m tagging along with him,” you say, hating how unsure you sound.


You feel Frost’s eyes on you again, and you hate how they’re both staring at you so hard. You hate being put on blast like this. This is not the kind of attention you like.


You chance a look in his direction, and his expression is questioning, almost as if he wants to ask you why you just had a sudden change of heart, but he doesn’t.


Instead, Mindy speaks again. “Alright, then. You two drive safe.” She turns to you. “I’ll tell Nicole you left early. Text me when you get home.”


She turns her attention back to Dr. Frost once more.


“It’s been really good seeing you again, Dex,” she smiles. “You should come out more. Like the old days. And make sure you get her home safely.”


“You don’t need to tell me that,” he smiles.


She gives him an acknowledging nod, right before she gives you one last glance and walks past you into the main entrance, leaving you with a short but noticeable silence.



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