A few hours later…



You hear banging.


Lots and lots of banging.


Then you hear your doorbell ring quite a few times, and as you slowly come into consciousness, you realize all the ruckus is coming from your door.


Who the hell could possibly be here at this time?


You toss and turn under your covers, willing the knocking to stop and its creator to go away. But unfortunately for you, neither of those things happen. With a sigh, you finally sit up, pushing yourself up and propping your sluggish body on your elbows.


Your eyes focus on the green digits of your alarm clock. Your vision is crappy as always, but even more so when you just wake up like this. You squint your eyes and try to make something of the mesh of blurriness in front of you.


It’s just a few minutes after seven. The sun is up, but barely, and the sky still has hints of orange and purple dispersed in it.


You rub at your eyes, weary from your lack of sleep last night. You really wasn’t able to get much after everything that went down last night. I mean, how could you?


You stayed awake in bed for hours after Dr. Frost dropped you off, trying to figure out how you’re going to move forward with knowing about Gina and her job with the Rainbow Escort Service and how that knowledge is going to affect your friendship with Bill and Trixie. You can’t pretend that it won’t change your dynamic in some way. And that thought is unsettling.


You switch on your bed lamp, and the light burns your eyes. You groan at the discomforting sensation, grumbling as more knocks and doorbell rings force you to leave the warmth of your bed.


You push aside your covers and your feet swing off your bed on autopilot. Your feet slide into your plush house slippers as soon as they hit the floor, and you absently grab your glasses from your night stand and slide them over your nose as a huge yawn rips itself from your mouth.


You walk into the living room in a daze. You ‘m barely paying attention, and you end up tripping over a stray bottle that somehow found its way onto the middle of the corridor.


“Dammit,” you grumble, angrily kicking the bottle to the side.


The stumble shocks your body into full awareness, and you’re more alert now. There’s still more knocking, and it’s really getting to your ears. It’s so damn rowdy and it’s too damn early and you’re not in the mood to be dealing with this on a Sunday.


This is supposed to your day off. It’s the day you can sleep in and the only day you have for some sort of relaxation and whoever is on the other side is violating your personal time. And after last night, you need a hell of a lot more sleep than what you were able to get.


You also kept thinking about Frost; the fact that he knows about you trying to be an escort obviously bothers you, but you’re even more hung up on what he’d said just before he left.


You’ll find out soon enough…

What the hell did he even mean by that?


You swing the door open, putting on the best scowl you can muster so that the annoying perpetrator can know just how pissed off you are at their disturbance.


Your scowl, however, doesn’t stay on your face for very long. It quickly transitions into a look of surprise as your lips part and your mouth goes slightly ajar, forming an ‘O’ shape even though nothing comes out of it for several seconds.


When you’re able to find your voice again, you can only manage one word. “M-Mindy?”



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