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The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Forty-Two (Role Play Edition)

        A Candle in the Wind         You struggle to swallow as you recall the incident.   Deep down, you think he already knew.   Just as you did.   In his Reaper’s Intuition, he knew she was gone.   Still, hearing the words out loud, witnessing his worst fear manifest itself, was more than he could bear.   More than anyone could bear.   He’d shut down—completely and absolutely.   He didn’t speak, didn’t move, didn’t do anything.   Couldn’t.   It was… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Forty-One (Role Play Edition)

        Coming Up Short         You flex a cramp out of your leg for the umpteenth time tonight, making kicking motions as you flip through pages and pages and pages.   Even though your head is pounding incessantly and your eyes are bloodshot to the tenth degree, you couldn’t suppress the urge—the need—to come back to the Creation Library to look for her.   For Kitty-Cat.   Again.   Eleven days later and you still can’t make fucking sense of anything; not the Atlantic,… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Forty (Role Play Edition)

        When Green Pigs Fly           You’re not a violent person.   You swear you’re not.   Never have been.   And you don’t condone brutality or fighting in any way, shape, or form.   But, good God, these assholes are making it far too easy for you to want to kill something right now.   “So…when are you going to give me your number, Baby Cakes?” Frank says, punctuating the ruckus he started. His tone is both arrogant and assuming, and his… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Thirty-Nine (Role Play Edition)

        Baby Cakes           “Ugh,” you groan. “Not again.”   “Well, I’m about to take my break,” Marcie says from a few feet away, giving you a knowing shake of her head. “Sorry, Eli. You’re on your own.” She pushes herself off the chipping wall she’s leaning against, taking her phone and cigarettes with her. She wastes no time in leaving you there by yourself, swiftly avoiding what you’re going to have to deal with.   Again.   The apology in her voice… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Thirty-Eight (Role Play Edition)

  Eleven Days Later…           Atlantic Aftermath           The smell of bacon and grilled cheese wafts through the air, making your mouth water and stomach growl.   God…   You’re so hungry.   Again.   You’ve eaten twice already and it’s not even noon yet; something that seems to be happening more and more lately.   Stress, you think to yourself. It must be stress.   The ding of the order bell rings loudly in your ears, making you wince against the… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Thirty-Seven (Role Play Edition)

        Chaos in Paradise           Your brain spins inside your skull, unable to function.   Not after what you just saw.   At least…what you think you just saw.   Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!!!   Suddenly, you want to shake yourself.   Hard.   For crying out loud, mermaids aren’t even real! They don’t exist outside of musical animations. They’re just a myth; like unicorns and pygmy trolls and sparkly vampires.   Your subconscious is most likely playing dirty tricks on… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Thirty-Six (Role Play Edition)

        A Fish         All you can do is stand there, completely numb, your arms and legs becoming impossibly heavy, as if they’re being pumped full of liquid steel.   Commotion ensues all around you, a collective ruckus with no beginning or end, growing by the second, but you continue to stand there in silence, your breathing becoming more and more shallow and erratic.   This. Is. Not. Real.   This. Is. Not. Happening.   It just isn’t.   There is simply no way… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Thirty-Five (Role Play Edition)

        Turning Water into Wine…and Glass?         This is bad.   Really bad.   Even though you knew in your gut that this would be the outcome, somewhere inside, you still wished you’d be wrong; that for once, a futile situation would somehow take a positive turn. But no such luck. You were right.   A-fucking-gain.   I’m so sorry, Mike.   You slowly levitate the motionless mermaid from underneath the mass of debris and other dead matter, being careful not to move her… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Thirty-Four (Role Play Edition)

        Mikailiel         As if on cue, an all too familiar voice screeches through the discord out of nowhere; loud, angry, and hysterical, violently catapulting you out of your thoughts.   “Soorah!”   Oh, fuck.   Demetri and you whip around to see the Reaper coming your way at full speed, yelling at the top of his lungs.   Of all the motherfuckers in the multiverse to deal with right now!   The infamously ill-tempered Silver Reaper from the clan of Yorthi, son of… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Thirty-Three (Role Play Edition)

        Mission Semi-Impossible         You’re already seven and a half minutes in, phasing and relocating any surviving mortals you’ve been able to get your hands on in time; alternating between moving them into smaller water bodies, including the Ganges and the Red and Mediterranean Seas, and spiriting them directly to the Pacific and Indian Oceans depending on their currents and respective levels of hydro traffic—which, in a situation like this, is constantly high and in flux for pretty much all of them.   The… Read More