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Guardian Angel: Part Two

 KIA∴And, by him, I mean my douchebag ex-boyfriend, Lenny. He was the last person I expected to run into last night. I wasn’t at all prepared to see him again after he’d casually dumped me over a fucking text message. its over, Kia. im c’ing sum1 else. That was it. No further explanation. No follow up conversation. Nada. After almost two years together, that was all the asshat said to me when he suddenly decided to end things between us. Yeah. Real fucking classy.

V: Part Three

Oh, my gosh…I can’t believe he remembered!   It’s quite an unexpected, but very pleasant surprise. The fact that he remembered that today is my birthday, even though I probably only mentioned it in passing a while ago, makes my heart flutter more than it probably should, but I don’t care. I’m happy.