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The Basilisk’s Creed: Interlude

                  I can’t move. I can’t speak. And I can barely breathe. My chest feels like it’s on fire, burning with excruciating pain as impossibly frigid air struggles to make its way in and out of my lungs. My lips tremble uncontrollably, prickled with pain and an encroaching numbness, my teeth chattering viciously. It’s cold. So cold. I’m surrounded by complete whiteness. Flurries swirl in my face, masses of snowflakes falling onto my static body, landing on my eyes, their frigidness seeping… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Sixty-Nine

        Blood Prints             Exactly four and a half minutes, two potential solutions, and countless grumbles and complaints—from both Reapers and merpeople—later, everyone has finally dispersed, leaving the previously active scene desolate. Aside from the sound of ocean waves and rippling water, it’s completely silent—a stark contrast from the tense atmosphere just moments ago. At least it was worth it. In spite of all the chaos and unrest, the merpeople had agreed to my suggestion; the clans who are more adaptable to… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Sixty-Eight

        A Less Than Mer-ry Situation               I near the Southeast vicinity of Earth, quickly descending as I continue to phase toward my destination. I can already hear the commotion from miles away. A chorus of angry bickering and yelling echoes loudly across the dark water and into the equally dark night, and I can feel all the sound waves quickly oscillating through the misty, salty air. The sun has long set on this side of the planet, and a blanket… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Sixty-Seven

        As Is   Definition As Is: (Idiom) (i) In the state that something is in at the present time. (ii) In the existing circumstances, without covenants or warranties.                   Yes, that’s right. Xenfromine. That’s what it was called. It was the only thing that worked whenever I had those…those…episodes. I haven’t had one in a long time, and I thank my stars constantly that those horrible days are long gone, but if I don’t do something about my… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Sixty-Six

        Xenfromine                   I keep my eyes on the back of the pharmacist’s head, focusing on his salt-and-pepper hair to avoid looking at his white lab coat as much as possible. I need to do everything I can to keep any and all unpleasant memories at bay while I’m in here. He disappears into one of the aisles momentarily and I continue to try to stay calm as I look around warily, finding myself surrounded by several shelves of… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Sixty-Five

        L. T. THOMAS.                   Forty-Five Minutes Later…       I find myself standing right outside a small local pharmacy as another minute rolls by. I’ve been out here for half an hour now, but it feels like forever. And I’m still shaking. Badly. Really badly. The grotesque image of that merman getting crushed by a speeding truck like a bug just keeps replaying itself in my head; the sounds and smells and colors of his death still… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Sixty-Four

        Pressing Issues               I sigh deeply, feeling weak and defeated. Like a brutal kick to the face, I realize that I’d been the last person—the very last, apparently—to find out about my ex’s marriage, and it obviously isn’t mere happenstance. Talk about hauling a huge bag of salt onto a dozen gunshot wounds. It clearly goes without saying, but I ask anyway. “I take it you know about her impending marriage?” “I do,” Bestu admits, his words crushing me further…. Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Sixty-Three

        Motion-to-Act             I stare at Bestu incredulously, the confidence I felt just seconds ago quickly slipping away as I regard his expression. He’s serious. “What do you mean, you can’t?” I retort, frowning. “Of course, you can! You’re the Primus! You have the authority to shut this crock of bullshit down without even batting an eye!” “Normally, I would,” he says, clasping his hands together. “And believe me, I wouldn’t hesitate in doing so. But Elder Rabab has considerable backing and… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Sixty-Two

        The Primus               Bestu stands in front of a wide, gold-rimmed mirror with his back to me, its impressive height clearly customized for his own grand stature, staring at his reflection in silence. “Your majesty,” I say, bowing in acknowledgment even though I know he heard me come in. I’m positive he even heard my conversation with his sister. I stand there for a few more seconds before he turns to face me. “Matthiel,” he begins, the natural depth of… Read More

The Basilisk’s Creed: Chapter Sixty-One

        Arayah             I’m back at the Alchemoni; at the very heart of the sanctuary, pacing back and forth like a mad man, walking up and down the lounging area of the Primus’ quarters relentlessly, creating an invisible pathway in the gold-embellished floors.   Honestly, I want to collapse on the spot, just let go and fall right here and now, but I can’t stop moving. I can’t bring myself to stay still, to quit being so restless even though my legs… Read More