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Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Thirty-Nine (Role Play Edition)

  He leads you through the long hallway, stopping a few times to greet a few people and acknowledge waves from several with a nod of his head.   You can’t help but notice several women stare at him as you walk by, their eyes roaming over him seductively in an obvious show of lust and wanting. Their looks are admiring and appraising…until their attention shifts to you.   Their eyes grace you with scowls and glares, as if they’d like nothing more than for you to shrivel up and… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Thirty-Eight (Role Play Edition)

  You know the phrase, “out-of-body experience”?   You’ve had quite a few people tell you they’ve had out-of-body experiences over the years, and each time they did, you’d always wondered what situation they had found—or put—themselves in that ended up having such a profound impact on them. Or you thought they were just being overly dramatic or exaggerating, like so many people tend to do.   You can’t remember when exactly you’d first heard the expression itself, but the first time you’d learned about its origin was six years… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Thirty-Seven (Role Play Edition)

  As Gina and you continue to look at each other in an extremely awkward bout of silence, the only thing you expect her to do right now is threaten to tell on you if you don’t agree with her, but surprisingly, she doesn’t.   Instead of trying to blackmail you, she says, “I know how this looks, but I have my reasons for being here, as I’m sure you do as well.”   When you continue to remain silent, she lets out a deep sigh and continues.   “Look,… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Thirty-Six (Role Play Edition)

  You exhale deeply, breathing out a long sigh of relief as you close the door behind you. Your eyes drift close for a moment, and you try to breathe normally, coaxing your frantic heart to slow down.   The restroom is quiet, and you realize that except for you and your rapidly thumping heart, it’s completely vacant. You find solace in the recluse space, thanking your stars that you’re the only one here so you don’t have to deal with an audience witnessing you have a mini panic attack…. Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Thirty-Five (Role Play Edition)

  The moment you step in, you’re engulfed in a stream of House music and an even brighter confetti of colorful lights.   All at once, images of the most glamorous things you’ve ever laid eyes on hit you; large crystal chandeliers, tall antique mirrors, ridiculously high ceilings, even more statues, expensive oil paintings, and the most unique pieces of furniture you’ve ever seen.   The interior infrastructure and decor is absolutely sick.   Jeez, how the hell in the world can one person have so much damn money?!  … Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Thirty-Four (Role Play Edition)

  As you get closer and closer to the entrance, your eyes remain glued to your window as you admire the surrounding forestry. Tall, obscuring trees line up on either side of us, evenly spaced from one another, breaking up the monotony of the tar road with their rich, earthy colors.   You keep wondering how the hell these trees are so damn green with all the snowstorms you’ve been having.   A moment later, you finally arrive at the mansion, and boy, they weren’t kidding when they said mansion!… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Thirty-Three (Role Play Edition)

  You’re in Nicole’s car again, driving toward your destination. The ‘good’ news is you’re making good time. The bad news is you can barely breathe in this thing she calls a dress. It’s way too short, and way too tight, but according to her, that’s a ‘killer’ combination.   You think you might agree with her, only the person who might end up dying here is you and not the men she thinks will be ogling you because of it.   You shift in your seat again, adjusting the… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Thirty-Two (Role Play Edition)

  About twenty-fives minutes later, you’re on the other side of the city and a ways away from campus, pulling into a bound parking lot. You take a quick scan of the apartment complex through your slightly foggy window. It looks really nice; clean and fairly quiet, with great lighting from tall street lamps generously scattered all over the sidewalks.   The engine dies and its motoring sound is replaced by those of screaming crickets, croaking frogs, and other typical nightlife as you reluctantly embrace the cold air once again…. Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Thirty-One (Role Play Edition)

  The curtains rise slowly, revealing your ensemble of violinists and vocalists to an incredibly large, seated audience.   The enormous stage lights are bright and feel hot against your face and neck, perfectly illuminating your musical assembly from high above your heads. The auditorium is packed, just as you expected it to be—as you all expected it to be.   The annual Weitzman performance is one of the events that always gets sold out quickly. Last year, you were seated in the audience, far behind on the other side… Read More

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Chapter Thirty (Role Play Edition)

  Five Days Later…   You’re all gathered backstage. You fumble with the large buttons at the collar of your blouse, flicking them between your thumb and forefinger in an effort to relieve some of the tension you feel.   You’re super fidgety and you hate how much it shows. You do a few breathing and posture exercises as you mentally prepare yourself for tonight. For all of tonight.   The week has breezed by and it’s already Saturday. The day of the big performance is finally here.   There… Read More