Truth or Scare

The fuck…? is all I can think right now.

My brain scrambles itself into oblivion, struggling to reconcile what my ears have just heard.

A…soul reaper?

I almost laugh.

Like in that Billy and Mandy cartoon?

Or like the Shinigami from Bleach and Death Note?

As in, a Grim Reaper?

That sounds…absolutely absurd.

Crazy beyond measure.

Completely cuckoo.

Totally nuts, even for a dream.

In spite of his dreamy looks, this guy’s obviously a colossal basket case.

And yet…yet…

I…believe him.

Which makes me an even bigger basket case.

I can’t explain it but, somehow, for whatever reason and without a doubt in my mind, I believe he’s telling me the truth…

And I go into a full-blown panic.



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