It comes at me like a hidden atom bomb; a surprise attack that I both welcome and apprehend, one that I know will lead to my blissful demise. I become completely helpless as I breathe her in, savoring her unique, elating scent as it drifts relentlessly into my nostrils, wafting through my nasal cavity before seamlessly merging with every sensory organ in my body.


It’s as if her aroma is becoming a part of me; like I need it to breathe, to exist. It only gets stronger and stronger, becoming more concentrated as each additional nanosecond passes, and wave after wave after wave of it hits me stark in the face again and again and again.


I find myself trembling under the power of her scent, my entire body shaking with light tremors as I struggle to hold my weight above her.


God, she smells so good.


Too good.


Another few seconds and the scent becomes too imposing and overwhelming to bear, its concentration building too fast around me. I quickly become so flustered it’s almost scary, but I feel positively drunk and intoxicated by it, and I’ll be damned if I so much as think about wanting it to stop.


My skin burns with need; pent up frustration combined with renewed lust sets every cell in my body on fire. I’m scorched to the core, and I feel the heat travel and collect heavily behind my eyes, overtaking them completely as I continue to stare helplessly at the girl underneath me.


“Will you let me go now?” I barely hear her ask the question in my daze, her voice edged with slight irritation.


I feel her small hand trying to tug at my wrist as I involuntarily flex my fingers around her lovely throat.


I simply shake my head without hesitation, my eyes never leaving hers. “No.”


Her frown deepens, as does the irritation in her voice. “Why the hell not?”


My answer is simple. “Because I don’t want to.”


She stills for a moment, the energy around her mirroring the sudden anxiety that grips her, replacing the wit and courage she was exuding just seconds ago.


I sense she’s struggling to keep calm, to put on a brave face in front of me for whatever reason, but the small shudders that follow each of her shallow breaths give her away easily.


She’s getting scared again.


Scared and…aroused.


Hers is a strange mix of terror, excitement, worry, and anticipation; as if she doesn’t want to die but won’t really be that mad if she does. Like a small part of her feels like death isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be.


All I can gather from it is that she’s one confusing human.


I’m not sure what to make of it, and her scent isn’t exactly helping my thought process. I’m acting on pure instinct now, base lust and desire, and the immense stress and frustration pent up in my mind and body from the last several days are frantically looking for an outlet, for release.


From her.


Right here.


Right now.


“No,” I repeat, my voice lower than I ever remember it being. “But you are going to feel like you’re in fucking heaven by the time I’m done with you, little girl.”


Before I can form another coherent thought, my entire body moves forward without hesitation, without my permission, and my lips find hers, taking them into mine and sucking on them greedily.


God…she tastes fucking divine.


Her lips are so full and soft, begging me to take more of them, to bite them, to lick and suck them.


So I do precisely that.


I tug eagerly on the soft skin of her upper lip, grazing it with my teeth before biting into its fullness. I pull the swollen flesh into my mouth, sucking on it like my life depends on it, unwilling to let go even as she squirms beneath me.


My tongue pushes against the barrier of her mouth, coaxing her, begging her to let me in. She doesn’t seem to need much convincing, because a second later, she’s parting her lips, opening up herself to me with just as much enthusiasm.


She moans right into my mouth, and the lovely, raspy sound shoots liquid fire into my cock, making it jump against my belly again, jerking even more vigorously than it did before.


I can’t believe how desperately aroused I am, more horny than I think I’ve ever felt.


Unusually so.


She may be the virginal one between us, but fuck if she doesn’t make me feel like a teenage boy sporting his very first—and mega-raging—hard-on.


A grunt escapes me as my body is set ablaze all over again, heat enveloping my eyes with ferocity, my flesh boiling beneath my skin, incinerating itself as if I just walked into a high-tech oven.


At this point, I honestly can’t stop myself from going further.


My mouth goes to her neck and I feel her whimper underneath me, her pelvic bone brushing against my stomach as her hips rise off the bed; her silent plea for more.


“Oh, fuck, baby…” is all I can manage, inhaling sharply at the feel of her groin against mine. I’m surprised to find my arms and shoulders trembling as my voice strains with the effort it’s taking to contain myself.


Her hands reach for my arms, her fingers small and slender as they dig into my skin, encouraging me, asking for more.


Her eyes are glazed beneath her hooded lids, mirroring all her desire and passion and hunger, completely ardent in her stare as she seems to get lost in my own gaze. Her lips, now reddened and swollen thanks to mine, are slightly parted as she breathes through them, visibly pulsing with blood rush and adrenaline.


Fuck! She smells like nothing else in this universe or the next. And she tastes even better.


I have no idea how anyone can possibly be this appealing.


Then again, lots of things I previously thought impossible have happened in the last several days—including what’s going on right now.


My fingers find their way to the back of her head, cupping it and gently massaging her scalp for a moment before intertwining my them with her gorgeous dark spirals, gripping her impressive mane. My hand fastens against the mass of hair almost involuntarily, refusing to let go.


The action forces her head up, giving me an opening to deepen the kiss as she moans. She seems a bit startled by my forcefulness at first, but her apprehension is fleeting as she grips my shoulders, her nails digging hard into them and I relish the acute sting of her own aggressive touch.


Abruptly, her hands travel up to my neck, and she wraps her arms around it without hesitation, almost impatiently; locking and pulling me even closer to her as she sucks on my tongue.


Holy fuck…


She’s just as horny as I am.


I thrust my torso against hers, feeling like the fucking sun itself as my skin goes ablaze at the feel of her soft, warm flesh.


God, you’re so soft. So fucking soft, baby…


And I want to tell her, so badly, but I can’t bring myself to let her lips go. And, from all indications, it doesn’t seem like she’d let me if I tried.


She moans into my mouth as I turn the tables and take her tongue in mine, sucking on it greedily. Her hips rise again and again, pushing against me insistently and increasing the friction between our groins with each delicious buck.


My dick is unbelievably hard, violently jerking against her smooth and slender belly as I struggle in vain to keep from pressing it against her warm skin.


“Fuck, baby…” I whisper breathlessly against her lips, trailing off, unable to finish my sentence.


I’m not sure how much more of this torture I can take.


Scratch that.


I know exactly how much more I can take:




It want in.





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