Frost stays that way for several moments, completely static save for his rogue cock involuntarily twitching inside me. He exhales harshly a few times, the calmness in his breathing momentarily displaced, punctuated by a low groan. I can barely even hear it over the insane ringing in my ears; the byproduct of a waterfall of blood violently splashing through every inch of my body.


I breathe in his scent, cool, musky cologne over newly-formed sweat, taking it all the way into my lungs as I struggle for air.


Without warning, he starts to move again, exhaling long and deep against my temple as he does. He pulls back, unapologetically dragging his cock through me as he retreats.


It feels…indescribable. Overbearingly vivid. Just too fucking much.


Not even in my wildest, most far-fetched dreams could I imagine such an astounding, prodigious sensation.


He grinds his groin against my ass in short, insistent strokes to give himself more access, his cock demanding more room, unrelenting until my pussy gives in.


An extended cry tumbles out of me as my walls clench in resistance, involuntarily twitching and contracting even as my hips jerk forward in retreat. He pumps his own hips a little faster, pulling back ever so slightly before pushing forward again. His fingers release my hair, sliding down my neck…only to curl around it.


Instinctively, I try to reach for his hand…and am instantly reminded that I can’t, the cuff chain jingling as I yank my hands away from the headboard. The added pressure on my neck sends multiple tremors through me.


I feel…taken.


In every way.


All I can perceive is him. On me. Around me. Inside me.


I can smell him, feel his warmth seeping into my skin until I can’t tell the difference between his and mine anymore. My senses seem more heightened than they’ve ever been. Than I thought they could be.


I arch my back involuntarily, feeling the muscles beneath his broad chest press against my spine, and I can sense his heart beating hard even through his clothes, but its intensity doesn’t compare to mine, sprinting like a roadrunner in danger of losing its legs.


His balls press against my outer lips, feeling engorged and heavy against my naked flesh. They slap gently against me with every thrust, producing a wet, subtle smack, but it’s audible enough to make my ears scorch themselves a million times over.


I try to block it out, biting down on my bottom lip until I taste a familiar metallic tang. I feel him twitching inside me, his length spasming, seemingly in response to that of my walls. Raw muscle pulses against raw muscle, jerking and twitching in response to the other. A reaction for every action. Rinse and repeat. Again and again.


My poor heart is in danger of collapsing in my chest, so worked up that it’s at a complete loss of what to do.


Frost continues to move, plunging inside me again and again, faster and faster, the time between the sounds of impact getting shorter and shorter, until it becomes an almost consecutive string of wet smacks, punctuated only by his harsh breaths and my involuntary cries.


My nose tingles for no apparent reason, my scalp buzzing from his grip on my hair. I feel like…crying? I…I think so. But the tears in my eyes aren’t from pain. No, that’s a lie. They are. But it’s not just that. They’re also spawned from sheer overwhelm; from an unbelievable, uncontainable surge of energy that has no end in sight. Of deliciously crushing pressure that’s building too fast. Pressure that I need to expend. That I need to release. Now.


My mouth falls wide open, my hips bucking against his, gyrating around his thick cock, pushing my ass against his groin with every punishing, merciless thrust he delivers.


My thoughts are all scrambled, in tandem with the jumbled, incoherent sounds stuttering out of me. I draw a complete blank, my brain unable to conjure anything save for the vivid, explicit sensations consuming me.


Before long, he’s moving in earnest, pumping me harder and harder, his cock slamming into me again, his hips smacking against my ass almost angrily. A stream of liquid heat gushes out of me as he continues to surge his dick into my core, firmly grinding his hips at the end before pulling out again. My sudden discharge makes his next entry even more audible, the lewd, vulgar audio of his penetration filling the room, clashing with our mismatched breathing. Before I know it, the wet sound of cock in pussy is all I can hear—that and my own ever-increasing gasps and cries.


His weighty balls slap harder against my nether lips again and again, and both the feel and sound of it only makes my pussy twitch and pulse more frantically, causing another surge of slick liquid to run out of me and onto his dick.


There truly are no words to describe my mortification at the treachery of my body, but there’s nothing I can do to stop it. And, to be honest, right now…I’m not a hundred percent sure I would if I could.


I feel my entire body burning up fast, goosebumps rising and disappearing all over my skin intermittently, like they’re playing hide and seek. Much like the cock inside me.


My entire face tingles in a way it never has before, my nose buzzing intensely, the novel sensation spreading all the way up to my forehead.




Another loud, long yelp tears itself out of my throat, my arms giving out, going limp and weak, my head falling into the pillow without my permission.


I bite into the plush cushion to muffle my cries, to veil the mortifying, unbelievable sounds I’m making as Frost picks up speed, his fingers digging into my ass cheeks, dragging them toward his hips roughly as they thrust forward in swift, almost violent jerks. But then, I feel his hand on my hair again, yanking it and lifting my head from the pillow.


“You seem to be enjoying this a whole lot, Ramona,” he growls into my ear as my high-pitched gasps turn frantic, quickly morphing into screams. “Who knew you had such a greedy little cunt?”


His words push me over an unfamiliar edge, dragging me head-first to completely uncharted territory without the slightest clue how to navigate it.


Before I know what’s happening, I feel myself starting to spasm around him, my pussy walls twitching more rapidly, pulsing faster and harder, squeezing at his length as he continues to retreat and advance.


“Oh, hell no,” he snarls suddenly, gripping my neck again.


In one hard, punishing lunge, he impales me blatantly before pulling out completely, exiting my core with a wet, suctioned pop…only to rub his length along my butt crack.


“Fuck you if you think you’re going to come without my permission,” he whispers harshly before biting on my earlobe. “You don’t get to come unless I tell you you can.”


The combination of the blunt pressure on my ear, the harsh words in them, and the thick, unapologetic cock sliding up and down just a whisper away from my asshole almost push me over the edge I’m barely hanging o—






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