I exhale, biting down on my bottom lip nervously as I grab the first box. I decide to focus on one kit at a time so I don’t feel bombarded, trying to read the additional information on it but am having a hell of a time concentrating on anything other than the fact that I’m stark naked in front of both the most sinfully gorgeous and sadistic man I’ve ever met, fumbling like I’ve lost all traces of coordination in my body…and end up dropping the box in a fit of anxiety.


“Shit,” I mumble, leaning forward to pick it up, silently wishing I could stay in this fetal-like position forever if it meant he couldn’t look at me with those hungry, intent eyes. But he surprises me by reaching for it before I do, placing it firmly in my hand, his fingers touching mine ever so slightly as he does.


“Relax,” he says, his expression still intense, his face just inches away from mine. My heart bungee-jumps into my throat, and I lean away from him like I just got tasered.


Easy for you to say.


He moves back again, letting me resume on my own, not offering any further help—probably so that I can’t accuse him of tampering and such—and while it’s true that I’ll feel the most confident in the results I get by testing him myself, I really wish I could do so with my damn clothes on.


I have to brace myself for what comes next, mustering all the mental fortitude I possibly can, as though I’m preparing to go to war. It sure as hell feels like I am.


My eyes drift to the floor, fixating themselves on the carpet. Impulsively, I hold my breath, the air in my lungs halting without my permission, my feet digging into the rug in an attempt to pacify the quaking in my legs. I grit my teeth to the point of pain, steeling my mind for these next moments, avoiding his gaze as though my life depends on it.


My gaze remains on the floor as I force myself to rise from the bed, pushing past the immeasurable resistance and reluctance in my body. I clutch the box hard with one hand as I come to my feet, furiously battling the almost impossible urge to shield my mound with the other.


The tense air seems to almost cling to my skin as my naked body comes into full view, completely exposed with nothing hidden; an open, live exhibition for him to watch as he pleases.


Holy fuck…


I can’t even bring myself to swallow, feeling like my heart is about to rupture my chest.


My steps are slow and awkward, and I’m literally inching toward him, my eyes intentionally avoiding his the entire time. Unprecedented anxiety drives adrenaline-spiked blood to my head, and soon it feels like it’s going to float right off my neck.


I blink rapidly against the sensation; against the strange mesh of heat and nausea spreading over me. I force my eyes to stay on the box, trying not to think about the fact that his are staring at my naked chest…and more.


Somehow, I manage to open it despite hands that currently feel like vibrating noodles and take out the equipment. I reach for the manual, pleased to find that it has pictures, and I thank my stars—scarce as they may be—for the visual aid.




I gulp at the word, trying to ignore the incessant tingling in my pussy and the not-so-distant memory of Frost’s lips and tongue all over it.


Just focus, Roni, I tell myself. Focus.


Step One (1): Wash hands thoroughly or use the gloves provided to avoid contamination.


My eyes flit to the eye-catching Band-Aids across my palms sitting securely on the ointment beneath them.


Gloves it is.


Step Two (2): Take out a sterile swab.


I do as I’m told, sliding one of a few long Q-tips out of its packaging as per the instructions, all the while wishing like hell I didn’t have to follow through on them, but the more I stall, the longer this whole process is going to be drawn out. And that’s the last thing I want.


Step Three (3): Swab the inside of the mouth. Place budded end into mouth and slowly swipe around using a gentle, swooping motion for several seconds.


My eyes finally turn to Frost, but I don’t dare meet his directly, my gaze zoned in on the lower half of his face, drinking in the hard lines and squareness of his jaw and the sinful mouth at their center, slightly red and swollen.


Unbidden, I picture them on my pussy, the mental image of his full lips obscenely parting mine, and it’s almost like reliving the “breakfast incident” in a flash. Even though it’s brief, the exasperating hum of need that accompanies it stretches throughout my body, teeming all the way to my core.


I feel pure fire blast over my face at the unwelcome memory, my pussy still pulsing and tingling with the aftermath, the throb almost angry—though I’m not sure if that anger is directed toward him because of what he did or what he chose not to.


A mesh of renewed embarrassment and frustration makes me hesitate momentarily, and I have to force myself to resume, my nerves going on overdrive at the thought of swabbing his mouth.


Almost instantly, I can’t suppress the vulgar idea that I might as well swab my pussy, vividly remembering the way his mouth and tongue were both on and in it not too long ago, very much able to still feel his saliva on my nether lips. I have to clench my thighs against the feel of new discharge streaming from my core, leaving a conspicuous, wet streak along my inner thigh that I pray he can’t see.


I reach up with the swab in my hand, and his lips part without prompting, a silent invitation to proceed. All the bones in my body feel simultaneously limp and rigid, like a melting glacier, my movements robotic as I slip the head of the swab between his lips. Never once did—no, could—I imagine that this would be the picture of my first time naked in front of a man.


I swipe inside his mouth with a ridiculously shaky hand, my fingers trembling so badly that the damn thing nearly slips from between them, but thankfully, it doesn’t take long. Frankly, I’m surprised I don’t end up accidentally stabbing his throat and choking him in the process. Not that that would be the worst thing in the world right now.


Step Four (4): Place the sample in tube with developing solution.


I reach for the accompanying tube in question and stick the swab in it.


Step Five (5): Wait 20 to 40 minutes for results.


I set both on the bed side drawer next to us, shuddering slightly on an inhale as the weight of this seemingly trivial task becomes all too apparent, making my shoulders slump as if I just lifted a family of elephants. And this is just the start.


Frost both mirrors and drags me out of my thoughts when he says, “Next.”



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