My hands shake as I grip the headboard, my fingers rattling even when they squeeze so hard that they turn numb. I lean forward almost instinctively, an obvious yet futile attempt to get away from him, even though there’s nowhere I can go, my knees shuffling in place restlessly. I feel his hands on me again; one gripping the indent of my waist roughly as if he’s angry, the startling action making my thighs quake uncontrollably while the other maneuvers the fleshly rod between his, rubbing the spongy head of his cock against the wet, slippery opening of my core.


My own head dips without resistance, my spine going tenser than it ever has. He pushes at my entrance, and my eyes go wide at the sensation of my pussy spreading without my permission. My lips part wide in tandem with my southern pair, my forehead furrowing as his hips grind against my ass, feeling his ample cock slide inside me with more difficulty than either of us probably expected, struggling to push past the initial resistance of my walls.


I hear him grunt, or at least, I think I do, his fingers gripping my ass cheeks as his breathing turns more shallow. An involuntary sound stutters out of me, something between a gasp and a cracked groan as I continue to spread around his girth, forced to accommodate him.


I’m extremely aware of him inside me, far too conscious of the invasive, jutting mass within my pussy, the veins in his shaft prominent, bulging and protruding angrily like the rest of his thick, weighty cock. I can’t stop shaking, every last inch of my body trembling as if I’m battery-powered, my skin tingling uncontrollably, awash with more goosebumps than it’s ever seen.


He grunts some more, muttering something under his breath, but I’m far too preoccupied to decipher what it is.


His fingers grip my ass tighter, preventing me from moving. Everything feels incredibly surreal, too much to try to process, and I’m not sure I’d be able to make heads or tails of any of it even if I could.


The head of his cock bulges inside me suddenly, swelling and expanding some more, if that’s possible, and he’s not even all the way in yet.


Renewed panic feeds into itself at that realization, escalating the already present and substantial fear coursing through me, making my limbs rattle nonstop.


Surprisingly, I feel his hands shaking, too, his fingers trembling slightly as they continue to clutch my cheeks.


He advances more insistently, driving into my core until my walls give way. It spawns the strangest, most perplexing sensation; my pussy simultaneously pushing and pulling at him, rejecting and accepting his fleshy rod all at once.


I feel him sinking into me more and more, his length dipping further and further inside, like there’s no end, stretching me in the most obscene way. He feels impossibly hard and hot, and I have to grit my teeth against the overwhelming fullness, my vagina clenching and twitching against his unapologetic invasion. I try to relax, but I’ll probably have much better luck trying to learn Mandarin from scratch in a day.


The muscles in my shoulders contract until they go completely stiff, my arms wobbling as they try their damnedest to keep me upright.


He keeps sliding in until I feel his hips pressed snugly against my ass cheeks. My eyes slam shut, my exhales leaving me in harsh, audible huffs through flared nostrils. When I can finally manage to, I open my eyes again, blinking slowly, as if in a drunken haze, like I can’t believe what’s going on…which is a hundred percent accurate.


Frost fills me almost to the brim, and my hands won’t stop shaking against the metal rails, the cuff chain jingling in tandem with my uncontrollable tremors.


My eyes bulge when I feel him bottom out, his groin practically sticking to my ass cheeks, my throat constricting as another strangled cry tumbles out of it. I feel incredibly crowded, almost crammed. Completely filled and occupied, his cock jam-packed into me, and I still can’t believe it, can’t wrap my head around the fact that he’s all the way in.


My neck instantly goes slack, my head hanging limply between my shoulders, and I haven’t the strength to keep it up.


“Mother…fucker,” he grunts, his hand digging into my skin, gripping onto me as hard as I’m gripping on to the headboard, using me as both a crevice and an anchor. I feel his shaft jerking in me even though the rest of him goes immobile for several seconds, seemingly giving us both time to adjust to the impossibly snug sensation of his raw flesh inside mine. My back arches ever so slightly, my hips bucking before I even realize it, and I’m not sure if they’re trying to retreat or advance toward him.


My body feels impossibly hot, and I suck in a gasp at the enormous, heated rod vibrating inside me. His pause is short-lived, and in one more vigorous thrust, Frost sinks into me completely, his raw flesh almost melding with mine, and I can feel the veins in his shaft micro-throbbing against my own slick, pulsing tissue. I can’t even begin to describe how much he stretches me open, his dick prodding deeper and deeper until there’s literally nowhere left for him to go, entering me full mast and breaching my pussy walls to the hilt in every direction.


He’s…a fucking monster.


I groan in spite of myself, the sheer weight and feel of his cock inside me beyond overwhelming, thick and heavy and exceedingly intense. I never imagined that just penetration could feel so…so…consuming.


He stills inside me, going as motionless as a statue save for his deep, heavy breathing, as if he’s trying to collect himself, but his grip on my waist only tightens, his fingers digging almost painfully into my skin, practically clawing at my bruised flesh. I stare ahead through bulged eyes, watching the wooden headboard I’m clinging to blur before me. Before I even realize it, wet streaks are running down my face without a lick of resistance.


A sense of utter and overwhelming surrealism fills me, transcending space and era, completely vanquishing any and everything outside of this moment, erasing everything so that all that’s left is here and now.


All the air in my lungs come to a screeching halt, my mouth parting wide, but nothing leaves it for several moments, as if I’ve suddenly lost my voice. Time stops and gravity becomes obsolete. I feel impossibly full. Overrun. Stretched to capacity. Filled beyond reason. Utterly stuffed.



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