Uncensored: Chapter Sixty

      Time ticks away. Slowly.   One. Two. Three.   And, slowly, I flip open the engraved, wooden card, even more confused by its presence in the absenteeism of its custodian.   I could’ve sworn I was pretty clear I didn’t want anyth—   My eyes swell inside my skull without delay, in simultaneity with the lungs below them, both locking in their inflated positions.   Like a living entity, Michaela’s Uncensored 21 Questions game stares back at me instead of a culinary itemization.   My breath sputters… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Fifty-Nine

    Conundrum.   I’ve always thought it was a funny-sounding word. I don’t think I’ve actually ever used it. Don’t think I’ve had to. I’ve been in plenty of sticky situations. Found myself in a pickle more times than I can count. And, yet, have never once needed to resort to exercising my use of this particular strip of vocabulary.   I guess there’s a first time for everything.   Here I am.   Caught in a conundrum.   A blind-siding, gut-shredding, elephantine conundrum.   Unmitigated tension settles across… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Fifty-Eight

      I know with every fiber of my being that I’m being monitored, but I don’t dare look up to confirm it again, my own eyes dutifully glued to a steadily-diminishing plate.   The thunderous echo of my heart snarls between my legs, each throb reverberating like a wild ripple through my entire body.   I reach for the water again, my mouth suddenly arid. I exercise immense caution this time, allowing myself just a sip. Inadvertently, I catch the tie looping my boss’ neck from peripheral view,… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Fifty-Seven

    My insides thud with the closure of the door behind me, sealing my overwrought limbs and scattered brain off in a mesh of modern and vintage framework. Panting breaks up the pin-drop silence encased within veined walls of marble, my hands quivering on top of the extended sink counter as I stare into a continuous stretch of furnished mirror. The woman looking back blinks rapidly, in tandem with my erratic heartbeat, trying to take deep, tempered breaths.   Just calm down, I tell her. It’ll be fine. It’ll… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Fifty-Six

      The tug of war within my skull ensues, but Zane doesn’t appear to share my struggle for words.   “Was the drive over fine?”   “Yes,” I croak, a slight pause preceding my reply.   He peers at me squarely, noting it. “Why did you hesitate?”   As strongly as I feel on the matter, I can’t bring myself to maintain eye-contact when I speak. “I’m not comfortable with leather seats. Frankly, I have a staunch aversion to the use of leather altogether.”   That’s an understatement…. Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Fifty-Five

        The limo goes static as it’s placed in park, a direct contrast to my accelerating heart. In another moment, the driver’s door pops open and Edgar exits it to unlock mine. He helps me from the protracted car, and I’m shaken by how much I actually need the assistance. I step out of it nervously, on legs that are somehow both stiff and shaky, the jet door parting to reveal the grandiose building in front of us.   Countless windows envelope the pointed, sloping structure, pierced… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Fifty-Four

      I jolt at the sound of the door closing shut despite the gentleness of the act, suddenly trapped inside an expensive cage. I inhale impulsively, sucking in as much air as my lungs will allow, inadvertently breathing in the anomalous smell of old money.   Even though there’s plenty of space, I remain stationary, locked in the same position, my body wrought with strain, the muscles in my increasingly-useless legs almost permanently contracted.   Being engulfed by animal hide sure as fuck doesn’t help.   At consistent… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Fifty-Three

      Zane’s space mobile pulls up to the front of the Core complex, his flammable eyes breaking from its windshield to land on my profile.   “Don’t forget your package,” he muses, gesturing to Michaela’s ‘Valentine’s Day present’ with an opulent, pointed stare.   My cheeks incinerate themselves all over again, my mouth going arid at the emphasis.   It’s official.   I’m never, ever getting over this.   I doubt he’ll let me.   All I know is I sure as fuck won’t be telling Michaela. Without… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Fifty-Two

      My mind rushes with asinine, ludicrous thoughts in spite of myself, my usually logical disposition betraying me, momentarily indulging in the type of fantasy I know only exists in rom-coms and happily-ever-after romance novels.   Get your mind right, Reau! This is not some Cinderella-turned-Sex-and-the-City fan-fic!   The pads of my fingers bite into the plush cushion of the sofa as their southern equivalents come into contact with four-figure insoles.   I hold my breath impulsively at the feel of his over the arch of my heel,… Read More

Uncensored: Chapter Fifty-One

      Magda leads me back to the lounging area, positively giddy, like a liberal soccer mom ecstatic that her kid’s going to prom—except, you know, her kid’s the dress.   At least one of us is excited.   The second Zane comes into view, I clam up, the mere sight of him, even from a distance, making my anxiety shoot through the roof. He looks up, catching my gaze, and I have to break it ever so briefly before meeting it again, keenly aware of his piercing eyes… Read More